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Vera™ supports you in the moments that matter most, with an AI-driven music companion tailored to your caregiving needs

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There Must Be a Way

by Louis Armstrong



Enhance Connection








Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

Boost Energy




Your Partner in Daily Care

Vera™ is designed to elevate your care outcomes.

Gain back precious minutes for meaningful, one-on-one care with the help of the right music at the right moment.

Activities of Daily Living

Specially designed to support caregivers in essential daily care tasks such as hygiene, dressing, brain fog and more

Measured Care Outcomes

Instantly manage your desired care outcomes with one click to help reduce stress, enhance connection, boost energy or improve focus

Tailored To Each individual

Our AI tailors the music based on the individual needs and background of the person in your care: like their cultural heritage, native language, life experiences, favourite artists and their mood

Improved Care Outcomes

Our award winning tool was co-designed with professional caregivers,
music therapists and musicologists to intuitively select the right music at
the right time to create a calming, positive and supportive moment during each
interaction with the person you care for.

Reduce Stress

Enchance Connection

Boost Energy

Reduce Stress

Enchance Connection

Boost Energy

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Vera™ in Action

Watch how Vera™ is being used by families to enhance connection and bring more joy back to the care routine!

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