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Vera is an evidence based tool that delivers positive care outcomes for care professionals

80 %

Average Reduction In Adverse Behaviors

2 Hours

Average Daily Use Per Caregiver


Daily Care Outcomes Supported

What is Vera™ for Care Professionals?

What is Vera™
for Care Professionals?

Vera is the trusted companion for professionals in memory care, assisted living facilities and hospitals.

Co-designed with leading care providers and music therapists, our easy-to-use award winning app improves care outcomes, caregiver retention and engagement.

Designed for one-on-one individual care, Vera supports key activities like sundowning, hygiene care and also group activities tailoring the right music for each moment

Data Driven Care Outcomes

Experience a tailored music intervention tool that transforms your care routine with helpful data insights.

With a single click, Vera’s Precision Music™ AI selects the optimal music to support care outcomes during the activities of daily living. 

In our year in review 2023 survey: our partners showed an over 80% reduction in incidents and 65 minutes of enhanced daily care per resident.

Supporting compliance

Vera supports care professionals to provide person - centered care to improve one-on-one care outcomes which helps reduce caregiver burnout


The fun & effective way to reduce caregiver burnout

Medication Management

Effectively assist staff manage change behaviors


Easy to use tool designed for busy care schedules

The Benefits of Vera

The Benefits of Vera

The Benefits of Vera

Profile Switch

Easily switch between tailored profiles of each person in your care, saving time and stress

Training & analytics

Enhance your efficiency with our user-friendly training and insightful analytics dashboard.

Dedicated Support

Enjoy dedicated support from your personal account manager, ready to assist with any issues.

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Vera Music is owned and operated by Music Health Inc. All rights reserved copyright 2024

Vera Music is owned and operated by Music Health Inc. All rights reserved copyright 2024